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Because we’re all so much more than just names and dates.

We’re Life Explorers

Genealogist® is a FREE, beautiful place for connecting with our family—and our ancestors—and for sharing and securing our most meaningful memories and relationships. This is THE personal and permanent place for everyone—from any time—to be found, remembered, and celebrated. You’re a Life Explorer™ too.

It's for all of us, whenever we are

Watch the film “This is Who I Am”

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What matters most.

No one gets out of life alive! Let’s not live like we’ll be here forever. Life’s most valuable things aren’t really things at all. Our adventures and struggles, our triumphs and cherished relationships are what matter most. Let's focus there. Share and preserve them here.

Use power for awesome.

This is the most amazing time to live, yet we’re using the unlimited potential of the Internet for sharing cat videos and endless selfies. It’s time we unite for the good of everyone today and rethink what we’re leaving behind. We believe in doing meaningful, lasting things with crazy-cool technology. We hope you’ll come with us.

Life thrives on permanence.

Everyone who’s ever lived deserves to at least be known, if not celebrated and emulated. Our lives can be enriched when we know and honor our family. Share your now with friends and family, present and future. This is the place to bring your entire family, together.

Let’s time travel.

Oh, we know all about the space-time continuum. We’ve cracked it. Our super-intelligent genealogy and family history tools bring families together, and keep our own vibrant life experiences alive.

We’ve seen the future…it’s in the past

A Lifepage for Everyone

We mean it. Everyone. Everywhere. In any time. We all need a place to share our lives and preserve our personal spot in the human family. Genealogist® is that place. Before we all become nothing more than names and dates on a death certificate, let’s make our own Lifepage™ and connect it with everyone we love.

Private & Secure

Privacy and security come first. We believe these are basic rights for all people, as well as products. Using the very best technologies, we give you complete control at every level.


We treat your personal stuff like it’s our own personal stuff. We use world-class, archival quality storage solutions with redundant backups. It’s always yours, and always accessible.

Yes, It’s Free

Genealogist® is really FREE—not just for a trial period. We have funding to focus on making the best products, first. We’ll be around a long time, and never sell your private memories. Gross.

Better Together

No man is an island, and a tree without roots and branches is just a stick. Working together—to bring us back together—will make a beautiful forest. This is why and where we share.

All Your Stuff

Names and dates are neat, but photos and stories, videos and interviews, journals and adventures, conversations and memories are far more valuable. Keep them here, shareable and secure.

Easy Integration

You’re already doing it—Genealogy and Family History. You may not know it, but we’ll help you see. Import and sync your social apps, blogs and media services, with one simple setup.

We’re flush with 1,000 innovations

Our families are FULL of people who are worth it No one gets left behind or forgotten

Everything comes and goes. The only true forever we have in life is our family—celebrate them

Come with us.

You and your family are very special. What we’re building is very special. Together, we’ll make something exceptional. We’ll be launching soon and would love to keep you updated on our progress. Sign up today and be among the first to use Genealogist®. We can’t wait to bring it to you.

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